Upgraded Design Heated Eyelash Curlers Electric Heated Lash Curler


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Quickly Heat Up

Press and hold for 3 seconds to turn on, and 10 seconds to warm up. You can use it when the temperature-sensitive label changes from red to white (about 10s). It can quickly create big eye makeup in 60 seconds.

Comb and Clamp Style

With a heated comb and clamp head, both sides of the comb are heated, and the heat curls the lashes more gently, and you don’t need to use as much pressure. It can be used either on your bare lashes or after you’ve applied mascara. NOTE: Be careful not to repeatedly go over the same areas multiple times, and try not to pull too hard, which may damage the root of the lash.

USB fast Charging Design

USB charging of cycle use, you can save the cost of batteries(Charge cable included). The red light flashes when it’s charging and it light off when it is full. It can be fully charged in just one hour.

3 temperature modes

Our portable eyelash heater has three temperature ranges from 60°c (140°F) to 80°c (176°F). The first gear is blue, the second gear is red with blue, and the third gear is red. Short press to switch the temperature, long press again for 2 seconds to shut down.

Newly Upgraded Design

This heated eyelash curler combines a traditional curler with an eyelash comb, and the heated part has an arch design that is easy to use and fits the curve of your lashes perfectly. You can quickly get used to it.


1. Soft / hard / real / false eyelashes universal

2. 60 seconds fast curling

3. Dual-use comb, can be used at will

4. Quick preheat, strong curl, long-lasting

5. USB charging, convenient and quick

6. 3 temperature modes to meet different needs


First gear: blue light (60°c)-For soft eyelashes at the corners of the eyes

Second gear: red with blue light (70°c)-Suitable for soft and short lashes

Third gear: red light (80°c)-Suitable for thick and stiff lashes

Use with mascara for more effect:

1. Apply the mascara before using the device.

2. Press and hold for 3 seconds to turn on and start preheating for 10 seconds(preheating for over 30 seconds for better effect).

3. Hold the mascara from the root and lift and bend upwards, adjust the position and repeat several times(about 3 seconds every time).

4. Apply a second coat of mascara to set your lashes, and use a heated comb to comb through the outer side to set your lashes.

5. Long press for 2 seconds to shut down.


1. Double-sided anti-scalding comb teeth are social, safe, and not easy to burn

2. Can use cotton swabs or special brushes to clean up after each use

3. If the eyelash curler is not hot or takes a long time to curl, please check whether the power is sufficient.